Energy savings and creating sustaineble installations for the future

Energy Retrofit offers two concepts:


Energy Management
energy savings

  • Energy visible
  • Monitoring control
  • Active remote management
  • Small investment
  • Estimated savings: 15%
  • Duration: One Year


Deep Retrofit
energy savings

  • Replacing installations
  • ROI within 5 years
  • Project execution
  • Aftercare and monitoring
  • Target savings: 30%
  • Duration: Half a year

Peter Rolf
Peter Rolf, B.Sc, Founder

Energy Retrofit is a consultancy and project office within the property sector. We specialize in assessment, replacement and optimization of HVAC systems in existing buildings.

Our systems approach arise optimally performing conditioning systems with significant energy and cost savings as a result. Energy Retrofit assists building owners and building tenants in energy saving  projects and creating sustainable real estate. From inventory to completion.



We supervise and support customers in the area of monitoring and energy management. We make energy visible and control energy use through remote management with the building management system. Hardly invest. On the basis of the existing control technology to adjust the settings we expect to save 15% on energy use. This is a guidance of a year.

We are specialized to provide customers with larger buildings > 5.000m2 with collective building installations in the Healthcare sector (mainly Care) . Thinking about buildings with a large heat generation, central air handling units and airconditioning systems. Focus on building control and automation.

Duration of the Trajectory is one year. The Trajectory is in fact the light version of Deep Retrofit Project.


Existing climate systems retrofitted. For example Software migration, replacement of pumps and heat generation. Often existing buildings which have dated technology. There are lots of opportunities. Replace and optimize thoroughly. Energy Retrofit will make an offer for replacement of system components. We will involve various specialized partners in the project.

The offer consists of a specific investment amount, expected savings and ROI. Everything is turnkey. For example: investment: EUR 100.000, –. Anticipated savings EUR 25.000, -. Return on Investment is 4 years.

The project takes up to six months.

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